Thermal Tights

Opaque tights are perhaps the most popular kind of tight in the world and their simple design really gives them a versatility that can be seen in any outfit. Opaque tights are excellent for complex patterns as the colours turn out richer and more vibrant. They're also ideal for any time of year as Nylon opaque tights keep your legs warm in the Winter better than any jeans could. Opaque tights are unbeatable for so many different purposes. Comfortable, durable and great looking, no wonder they're the most loved legwear around.

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Tights can be paired with any outfit to help keep you warm.

You don’t need to suffer the cold for fashion. Our range of thermal tights has a variety of designs, including simple black, opaque, and patterned tights. The range also includes an array of styles, including footless or holdups.

So, no matter what the occasion, there is a pair of thermal tights that are perfectly suited to you, and can help bring some life and warmth into your wardrobe.