Minimum order value $100. Delivery time 3-5 days from placing the order.


Dance Socks & Accessories

The Silky Dance range of footwear includes our collection of foot thongs and half sole dance shoes which provide excellent cushioning under the ball of the foot. With highly durable suede leather pads for shock absorption and no-slip contact with the floor.

We have three levels of dance sock from High-Performance cotton Ballet sock, the fine knit but hard-wearing Intermediate dance sock, and the super soft and comfortable Essentials dance sock.

Silky Dance specialises in the only best high-performance wholesale dance tights undergarments and dance socks, we have a great variety of products for every type of dancer at all levels abilities.

We believe that dance should be accessible to everyone regardless of ability or budget. With this in mind, we have structured our range of products to accommodate the needs of dancers at all levels—high performance, intermediate, and essential. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality products at competitive and affordable prices, no matter what level of dancer you are.

In the US the Silky Dance brand is exclusively distributed to dance retailers by Legwear International, ensuring the price integrity of the brand. With our family business culture, we pride ourselves on being, versatile, and innovative, as well as providing great value and profits to our customers. 

With low minimum order amounts of $100, we endeavour to dispatch orders on the same day to the US with an express courier service between 5-7 days delivery. We are successfully expanding our market share globally and have established ourselves as the brand of choice for the major and premier dance retailers in the UK.

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