Ariana Grande is a talented singer-songwriter and actress and she also looks incredibile.

Her style rages from classic glamour to fun and girly that`s why her look is often described as “age appropriate”! It is clear Ariana has great style and what we love most about her is her love of hosiery.

So what tights does Ariana wear?

Well she`s known for being seen in different types of Hosiery ranging from sheer to glossy tights.

She isn`t often without a pair of sheer or glossy tights. Ariana clearly loves a flawless leg look and does it well by choosing tights that enhance the natural colour of the leg. That gives a polished look to the leg.

Are going for bare leg look tights with a smooth finish?

Try our Silky NATURALS range for products like Ultra Sheer with a cotton gusset  T-bar that makes them perfect to wear with high waisted  short jeans as Ariana Grande is glamorously doing in the picture above.  This comes in colours illusion and nude for a truly natural look on the leg.

Or Cindy Sheer Tights at an outstanding value of £1.59. It is a 15 denier product which offers high durability and superb comfort together with a vast range of colour options.

Ariana Grande shows us how to shine even on a rainy day by wearing faboulos glossy tights.

Our range of Glossy and Ultra Gloss Tights have the natural appealing look that will be sure to turn heads.  If you want to go for a 15 Denier leg appearance then the Cindy Glossy Tights is most suitable choice and it comes with a reinforced body and toe at £2.49. On the other hand if what you aim is a Ultra Gloss look then you can choose from two of our brands Silky or Couture, both  are constructed with Spandex for added comfort and fit and have a Ultra Sheer 10 Denier leg.