It has recently been admitted by Dita Von Teese that she has a secret passion for tights.  Following a recent interview Dita expressed just how much she loves tights by saying “It was everything I come to the shows for, you know, theatrics. It felt like a show.”  The Model and icon expresses her creative side as she spoke about her past and how she used to be a ballet dancer.  She said that she used to like to see how other ballet dancers dressed, “I’ve always enjoyed going to ballet classes to see how other dancers rework their clothes, and how creative they all used to get. They do ridiculous things like cut the crotch out of tights and wear the legs on the arms.”

Although her career is blooming she still likes to get creative occasionally.  She added “Well, I don’t get as wild as I used to with the tights, but I still do buy them extra, extra large and pull them right up. I love all the ballet tights from the fifties."........Great news for Legwear International - we are just about to bring out some fifties styled ballet tights that we are certain Dita Von Teese would just adore!

So, if like Dita, you are also in vintage garments don't miss out on our fabulous new seamed ballet tights.  Our Dance and Ballet range is booming and with this growth in popularity we made the decision to range extend.  The NEW Ballet Seamed Tight is a product that was developed as a modern version of the Fully Fashioned Seamed Ballet Tight of yesteryear that is now not only difficult to get hold of but also very expensive.  The concept was developed by our progressive development team to make an old classic  improved and modernized product with a more affordable price tag and improved fit and it's EXCLUSIVE to Legwear International!