the-elizabeth-pack           The Couture Ultimates collection of hosiery has been created after a significant period of technical product design and knitting development by the expert team at Legwear International. The objective was to create a hosiery product guaranteed to offer a new high quality experience for both the trade and consumer sector of the world wide hosiery industry.

Traditionally, tights are knitted in two tubes that are then sewn together forming a seam. Couture Ultimates are knitted using vertical lines of knots in one piece with no body seam.

             Besides being 100% Seamless and 100% Ladder Proof (not just Ladder Resistant), the new Couture Ultimates tick all the boxes any hosiery wearer would desire, including silhouette shaping benefits like leg shaping and light control, varied styles to choose from, 7x patterns and 2x opaques (60 and 100 Denier) and are available in sizes from Small to Extra Large.

                  “A seamless ladder proof conventional hosiery product has never been done befoseamless-logo-v2re, this is extremely exciting for the hosiery industry. This development has enormous technical capabilities for hosiery, and also for the dance wear industries. The technical challenges creating this product range has been demanding with our team working for months to achieve the required technical knitting processes to create our Ultimates collection. We are now proud to launch our results worldwide”

                                               Allan Falconer (Managing Director Legwear International)

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                   Due to limited capacity, and maintenance of price integrity this range will have exclusive and restricted distribution. This range is not freely available to our trade website customers.

However, if you are interested in being one of our stockists for the Couture Ultimates range, please call our office at 01773713200 and ask to speak to Scott Townsend or Lesley Toulson. We will be delighted to answer your questions and discuss this matter with you.


If you ant one yourself visit the Couture Ultimates website: coutureultimates.com