We ADORE Kesha and her unique rock inspired style. What we love most about Kesha, other than her music of course, is her love of hosiery and how she adapts it to her taste.  Kesha clearly loves layering hosiery, and in particular fishnets!  She layers fishnets over fishnets and has also been spotted rocking that grunge ripped hosiery look.

If you want to get the Kesha look in any of the pics above shop with us for the best UK hosiery prices and quality.  Scarlet would be Kesha's favourite range that we do as it is overloaded with fishnets in every size, colour ans style.  In order of images here are the products work by Kesha above:

1. 2pp 40 Denier Essential Opaques by Silky @ £4.99

2/3. Natural and Black Fishnet Tights by Scarlet @ £2.99

5. Vine Fishnet Tights by Scarlet @ £4.79

6. Jitterbug Lurex Tights by Party @ £5.49

7/9. Whale Net Tights @ £3.79

8. Vine Fishnet Tights layered under Whale Net Tights by Scarlet @ £4.79 and £3.79

11. Whale Net Tights Layered over 15 Sheer Shine Tights @ £3.79 and £2.89