Legwear International is launching a revolutionary New Silky Dance product into the marketplace.

Since the '60s the hosiery industry has been trying to commercially create a one-piece seamless pair of tights – the first prototypes were long banana-shaped tubes (sometimes called banana tights) with an opening in the middle for the body - the existing seamless products currently in the market are made on this principle. This technology restricts the body sizes that can be achieved and have conventional stitch structures that ladder. After extensive development work Legwear International have now created the Ultimate seamless tights.

The new Dance Ultimate Tights are knitted in one piece, giving a completely seamless body.

The soft yarns are knitted using vertical lines of knots, creating a 100% ladder proof garment. The tights also have a unique non sewn bonded waistband for added comfort and invisibility under the leotard.

The product will be available from the 1st September 2016. For forward orders please ring us on 01773 713200.

“A seamless ladder proof conventional hosiery product has never been done before, this is extremely exciting for the hosiery industry. This development has enormous technical capabilities for hosiery, and also for the dance wear industries. The technical challenges creating this product range has been demanding with our team working for months to achieve the required technical knitting processes to create our Ultimate collection. We are now proud to launch our results worldwide”

 Allan Falconer (Managing Director Legwear International )

"The new Silky Dance Ultimate from Legwear International are an amazing technical breakthrough"

Dancing Times August 2016 edition

Seamless Dance campaign copy