Fleece Hosiery hit the streets in 2011 and have been growing in popularity with incredible speed and force.  Manufactured with a new knitting technology, the finished product has a brushed lining, somewhat like that of a tracksuit.

The interesting thing about this product is that it's breathable and so not at all hot or stuffy to wear. An additional feature is it's luxurious velvety feel on the leg. Once worn, I guarantee you will love this product.  Fleece Hosiery is warm but not stuffy, it's astonishingly comfortable and it gives the leg full flawless coverage.

This product began life at Legwear as a tight but has built such a following that we have now added a Fleeced Legging for wear with pumps or socks and boots and also as a Fleece Knee High.  The Knee High was so in demand that we sold out straight away.  We have buffered our stock this year to accommodate the demand.  Try a pair - you'll love them and I ensure it will become one of your wardrobe favourites!