To help you select the right style, let's take a look at some of the basic terminology on hosiery fabric:


Nylon is man-made with a durable material thread, known for its resistance, dimensional stability, elasticity and easy washing characteristics.


And then there's silk which is the most elastic thread and also boasts of smoothness, strength, and lustre. It's a natural fibre which lets the skin breathe and is ideal for warmer weathers.


I recommend that you take note of the percentage of Lycra or Elastan(e) when shopping for hosiery. They're both high-quality fibres’ that are woven into tights to give a better fit and finish to the garment. And not least, they're comfier!

The amount of Elastane of Lycra used in hosiery varies between manufacturers. Generally cheaper hosiery will contain less Elastane or Lycra (2% to 5%) than more expensive brands commonly containing 10% to 30%.


Spandex or Elastane is a synthetic fibre known for its exceptional elasticity.It is strong and durable and equally as good as branded Lycra.The name "spandex" is an anagram of the word "expands". Hosiery knitted with spandex is usually mixed with cotton or polyester, and accounts for a small percentage of the final fabric, which therefore retains most of the look and feel of the other fibres’.In North America it is rare in men's clothing, but prevalent in women's. An estimated 80% of clothing sold in the United States contained spandex in 2010.