The amazing new Vixen Range is nearly here!!!  Due in at the end of May and already seeing huge interest from all Traders who we have shown the range to.  Many have pre-ordered to secure stock which has been delivered in split shipments so if you are keen to get in on the action on the first shipment, place your pre-orders now!  To  get hold of the Vixen price list contact Kirsten at

We have been showing the range to the end consumer in the form of Burlesque Dancers and Vintage trend lovers and the feedback has been incredible and unanimous.  They all want a piece of the action! We have great plans to Brand build Vixen this year with scheduled advertisements in major Burlesque Magazines, planned direct to consumer marketing initiatives and much much more!  We know the products, packaging, prices and this Brand as a whole are attractive to the consumer and this year we aim to maximise brand exposure so that you can sell sell sell.

We want to work with our Traders to help promote Vixen so tell us what you need to give you in order to make that possible.  Here's a taster of what's in the range: