ultimates-seamless-ladder-proof-logo    GBD.082.Art.038             Normal hosiery is knitted in horizontal rows of stitches – the same as one would knit a jumper on a flat hand-operated knitting machine or knitting using knitting needles. If a thread breaks the material then creates a run or, in the case of tights , a ladder. Tights are knitted using a circle of needles where tubes are created and then sewn together – hence the seam through the middle of the body from front to back. 

      Couture Ultimates have been knitted in one piece (therefore no seams) using a machine that was designed to make fabric –  this machine can also produce netting and crochet type designs. This machine has a long bed of needles but EACH NEEDLE HAS AN INDIVIDUAL THREAD OF YARN. Tights have previously been made on these machines but limited to netting type fabrics. Nobody previously has managed to develop a range of everyday hosiery using this technology.


We are in the process of making a video for you, showing the comparative manufacturing processes.  


           Hosiery without seams are not new – the first of these were created in the 60’s.  The production technique used was to knit one long tube, but to have a wide as possible opening in the middle – this was for the body, but was limited in the length of the body that was achievable – to create a deeper/longer body a wide piece of elasticated fabric is added. If you hold them up they would look like a long banana and  be often referred to in the trade as “banana tights” .


Above we have a pair made in the 70’s ( top product), a pair of typical banana tights, a pair sold on the high street retailing for £20 and a pair currently sold in one of the chain supermarkets for £4 (bottom pair).   

ALL OF THE  SEAMLESS TIGHTS CURRENTLY BEING SOLD ARE MADE LIKE THIS – and  they are usually only available in small sizes or M/L.  There is nothing wrong with these products, but compared to Couture Ultimates  they have the following limitations:

  1. They ladder
  2. They are limited in the sizes they can offer.
  3. They cannot do patterns. 

However, they can achieve very sheer tights  – which is something Couture Ultimates are developing.

Because of the different knitting technique, Couture Ultimates  are made up of vertical rows of knots as opposed to horizontal rows of stitches. In addition to the other benefits, this also makes them 100% LADDER PROOF.

     Granting all this, they ARE NOT INDESTRUCTIBLE !  If they are not fitted correctly it is possible to put a finger through the fabric – the risk of this will be more on patterned styles. Consequently please stress the need for rolling up the legs and releasing the fabric as the tights are pulled up. There are detailed wearer instructions inside the pack.


The yarns that have been used are with high elastomeric content, and together with the stitch construction, create a very snug fit giving almost the same feel as support tights. This gives the wearer a  feeling of inner confidence and, together with the seamless features, gives a sleek shaped look.     

 After a year of product design and testing, we truly believe we have created the Ultimate pair of tights – unique, comfortable and durable. 

If you want one for yourself visit our website coutureultimates.com