We now focus on the Silky Medium Support Tights.

Materials and features
The Silky Medium Support Tights are quite simply packaged. The tights are folded around a card rectangle, which is then enclosed in a clear plastic sleeve. Everything is then housed in a card box that provides sizing and other information.

Legwear International describe these tights as follows:

"On your feet all day? These support tights are ideal for you. They can help you avoid everything from back pain to swollen ankles and reduce the risk of varicose veins whilst leaving the leg looking smooth, sassy and shapely." 

The Silky Medium Support Tights are 20 denier with graduated compression.

The fabric is 80% Polyamide and 20% Elastane. The fabric is extremely smooth to the touch.

The X-Large size that I tested has a rear comfort panel.

The tights are not sheer to waist but have a reinforced brief that is much denser than the leg. Legs are straight and almost semi-sheer in appearance, and have a slight sheen.

Toes are reinforced. The waistband is almost 3cm wide. Seams are conventional.
Fit and sizing
The Silky Medium Support Tights are available in three sizes: Medium, Large and X-Large.I tested the X-Large size.

These tights are really easy to put on and get into position. The leg have impressive length and the 20% Elastane in the fabric provides both a lot of stretch as well as a close snug fit.

Although the sizing information indicates a maximum height of 5'10", I feel that this style would stretch further.

The brief is more than deep enough, with the waistband stretching comfortably over the waist and hips.

Colour range
The Silky Medium Support Tights are available in three shades: Diamond, Nude and Sherry.I tested a pair in the Sherry shade.

Price and availability
The Silky Medium Support Tights are priced at a very reasonable £3.79 (in sizes Medium and Large), and just £4.69 (in the X-Large size).Conclusion
When assessing these tights, we felt it was important not to be too influenced by the price. Readers of this blog will know that we usually go by the mantra of 'you get what you pay for'. However the Silky Medium Support Tights are really a bargain at the price and the quality is excellent.

The X-Large size is extremely generous and provides an excellent fit. The sheen provides a very good glide under trousers.

I was amazed how comfortable these tights were. While not medical grade support tights, they definitely do provide a good level of leg support. I found that my legs were less tired and stayed energised after a day's wear. I trialled them for more than a day and found that they definitely made a difference.

They really are a bargain at the price, and that is why a Hosiery For Men recommendation is made with confidence.