Dance tights not only form part of uniform requirements but are an essential part of dance.

With different types of dance tights available, it’s hard to tell which ones you need. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to dance tights.

Convertible tights

Convertible tights look like regular tights but have a small hole in the bottom of the foot. You can pull the hole up over the ankle, converting your tights to footless tights.

These tights are very useful when you have to go to one class that requires bare feet and the next where you need tights.

Convertible tights are also useful for ballet dancers to quickly adjust pointe shoe pads, or to wear a pair of other shoes or sandals after practice.

High performance tights

High performance tights will make you look your best while you perform on stage, while still being comfortable and having freedom of movement.

Typically, full-length, high performance tights are designed to make your leg look airbrushed while still giving a great amount of stretch and support.

High performance full foot tights and convertible tights are available in pink. We also have high performance fishnet tights.

High performance fishnet tights give a net-like pattern on your legs and provide a show-stopping look, complete with a solid food for added comfort and durability.

At Legwear International, we also provide ultimate dance tights that are 100% ladder-proof and seamless, that won’t let you down during even the most important of performances.

Ballet socks

Ballet socks are not only soft and comfortable, they are hard wearing with a long-ribbed cuff that holds the socks in place throughout a dance session. Excellent as a second layer in dance shoes, or for anyone wanting to go barelegged to class. They can be used for a range of dance styles.


Whether you’re a beginner or professional, dance and ballet tights are an essential piece of kit that you can’t do without. No matter what type you require, you need to ensure that it’s well fitted and high quality to support your dancing.

Our range of dance and ballet tights and socks is expertly manufactured to the highest quality. Promising to not let you down, our dance tights are designed to be durable, long-lasting and perfect for both training and performance.

We are proud to be the fastest-growing brand of hosiery in the UK dance market. To look at what we can do for you, browse our range of dance tights today.