Elegant, sophisticated and seductive, hold-ups can make special occasions even more special.

Hold-ups are stockings with a silicone band at the top, allowing people to wear them without the use of a garter belt.

Not only do hold-ups look fantastic, they’re also a great option for people who want the comfort and support of tights, but don’t feel comfortable wearing them. Hold-ups are also a great option for tight-wearers that wouldn’t choose a pair of stockings but want to try something different in their wardrobe.

With a range of different styles, including sheer, lace and seamed, it can be difficult to know what hold up is right for you. That’s why we’ve put together this essential guide to hold-ups.

Sheer hold-ups

Available in a range of colours including nude tones, sheer hold-ups are virtually undetectable and give the appearance of a summery bare leg.

Sheer hold-ups are ultra-lightweight and comfortable, feeling like you’re not wearing anything on your legs.

Incredibly versatile, sheer hold-ups are perfect for when you want to create a bare leg look but the weather isn’t warm enough.

Lace top hold-ups

Lace top hold-ups have a variety of intricate and stunning lace styles around the elasticated top.

Available in a range of vintage and modern lace styles, lace top hold-ups add luxury and elegance to any occasion.

Paired with a sheer leg, the lace top design can provide an understated elegance and hidden secret to your outfits. Paired with a patterned leg, lace top hold-ups can create a more obvious and overall show stopping effect to your outfit.

Seamed hold-ups

Seamed hold up have an obvious seam running up the back of your legs.

Giving you smooth, shaped legs, seamed hold-ups add classical elegance to your wardrobe. In a modern twist, hold-ups with creative seams can add a little colour and creativity to your outfit.

Popular in the 1940s, this elegant and glamorous style has proved that it will never go out of fashion.

Fishnet hold-ups

As a staple of the fashion industry, fishnet tights are a show-stopping clothing style that will never go away.

Creating a net-like pattern on your legs, fishnet hold-ups are guaranteed to grab attention and add luxury to your wardrobe.

Available in a range of styles, from the classical fishnet to the wider whale net, fishnet hold-ups are the perfect way to complete any outfit and show off legs to be proud of.


Opaque hold-ups

Generally thicker and more noticeable than sheer hold-ups, opaque hold-ups are designed to give you a smooth, soft and shapely long leg effect without sacrificing your comfort.

Perfect for the colder months, opaque hold-ups come in a range of colours that make them perfect for any occasion.

Patterned hold-ups

Patterned hold-ups have patterns that run up the legs.

Ranging from truly show-stopping designs to subtler classical patterns, there’s a patterned hold up for everyone.

Patterned hold-ups are perfect for bringing new life into tired old outfits as well as letting the world see your creative side.

Bridal hold-ups

Bridal hold-ups are designed to give the perfect blend of comfort and luxury on your wedding day.

Available in a range of modern and vintage styles, bridal hold-ups can create elegant designs or understated sophistication with a hidden, secret allure underneath.

With something for every bride, bridal hold-ups add the perfect finishing touch to your wedding dress.


Hold-ups are the perfect way to have the support and benefits of wearing tights with extra comfort.

With a range of styles to choose from, there’s a hold up that will suit any outfit.

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