At Legwear International we are constantly looking for news ways to wear and use tights.  Whether that be from a recycling perspective or manipulating tights to find different and unusual leg looks that.  I have to admit that this part of our job is pretty fun.  We have had a ball playing around with tights and finding new ways to use them.  Check out some of them below:

A Sheer 15 Denier Shine Tights layered over any coloured opaque gives the leg an amazing look. Wear alone or slash tights for crazy effects.

Layer Fishnets over or under anything!  Printed Tights, other fishnets, coloured opaque tights...your options are endless and with the range of fishnets and printed tights we have, we could keep you going all year. 

There are plenty of way to re-use/recycle laddered or old tights.  Here are some fun things you can do with them but there are endless things you can do with them creatively.  Let your imagination go wild!

Show these ideas to your customers and get them excited about hosiery and all the great things you can do with it.  Why not get them experimenting with layering.