Nights are drawing in and the mornings are colder.  We have a variety of opaque tights  ranging from 40 to 100 denier and they are here to make your winter as comfortable and enjoyable as those glorious summer days.

Denier refers to the thickness of the yarns used to knit a pair of tights.  A single strand of fiber is approximately one dernier.  The term of opaque is used for anything over 40 denier.  Anything above 40 denier will conceal your skin.

Here at Legwear International we believe in only offering our customers the best quality garments and can guarantee that our opaques are manufactured to the highest quality standards. Our opaque tights are knitted with covered yarns, unlike most hosiery suppliers, meaning that our hosiery is softer, stronger and offer a better fit!

Great for cold weather, this hosiery will keep your legs warm whether you are wearing a skirt, trousers or shorts.

So, whatever your customers denier preferences, we have something to suit them!  Our luxury Soft 80 denier opaques are also available in the wide range of colours above which have been selected to suit this seasons fashion colours.