New from Legwear International

Introducing Silky Health and with it two exciting products to kick start the range. Silky Health is a sub-brand for the well establish Silky brand, with it brings the foundation of knowledge in the hosiery industry with a desire and passion to bring innovative health products to the market.

A cotton based compression sock that actually works.

Compression socks work by creating an exact and measured level of compression at the ankle that gently eases up the leg.

Most socks currently on the market come in limited unisex sizes which means that the level of compression at the ankle will vary from person to person.

We’ve created four sizes, in both mens and ladies. Which means everybody benefits from the correct compression at the ankle. This helps to prevent DVT, muscle fatigue, aching legs and swollen ankles.

In terms of materials we’ve chosen a cotton rich sock. The advantage of this over a nylon product is that the foot doesn’t get hot and feels far more natural and comfortable, like a regular sock.

Like other compression socks these are ideal for traveling, aiding recovery in sport and prolonged periods of standing or sitting.
By using cotton, a ribbed effect mens sock and womens plain knit, they suit any outfit and wont look out of place like other compression socks often can.

Our Diabetic sock uses moisture management technology from Nilit Aquaruis yarn and an antimicrobial from Bi-OME this combined with tried and tested knitting techniques creates a seamless and comfortable diabetic sock.