Strange really, that the world’s largest St Patrick’s day parade is not held in Ireland. Not Dublin; not Cork; not Kilkenny. No, in fact, the world’s largest day celebrating Irishdom is held way across the Atlantic from Ireland, and in New York.

America has long links with Ireland and tens of millions of current inhabitants declare some sort of lineage to the emerald isle. St Paddy’s day is celebrated in America almost as hotly, if not more so, than in Ireland, especially in cities and towns with strong connections to Ireland, such as Boston and New York.

The parade starts fairly early and is made up with row upon row of marching bands, dance troupes, Irish expat organisations, Irish singers and any other organisation or institution with Irish links. It is quite a mammoth parade- and a very long day too too. The marchers seem to go on and on- such is the sheer volume of groupings.  And the great news for Legwear and women alike wear tights!!

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