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Understanding that a wedding is not a cheap affair, we have created a Bridal Range around a concept of affordable luxury.  With dresses being the main focus of a bride, we know that hosiery accessories can sometimes be the forgotten, yet essential, finishing piece to a bridal ensemble.  It is also, however, a tear off and discard at the end of the day item.  So essentially, Bridal Hosiery must tick a number of boxes........

  • Look gorgeous
  • Feel gorgeous
  • Be high quality enough to endure a long and fabulous day
  • Be cost suitably cost effective so as not to break your heart to throw it away

Our Bridal Range by Couture definitely provides a solution to all those requirements.  If you don't believe us, try a pair yourself!  The products in our range don't hold the price tag on top end branded bridal hosiery out there so it wouldn't break the bank to by a few pairs! Brides can then have the security of knowing that if disaster strikes, they are fully prepared!!!