Types of Wholesale Sheer Hosiery

Ultra Sheer has a denier of 10 or less. It's ideal for achieving a bare leg look, and will also keep your legs cool during the hot summer months.

If Your Legs Have Skin Imperfections

If your legs have razor bumps, spider veins, stretch marks, discolorations or dry skin, cover them up with semi-opaque or sheer hosiery in neutral colours such as black and nude.

You can also camouflage the imperfections with subtle vertical prints. For example, vertical stripes or ribbed wool patterns.

Ultra-sheer pantyhose are perfect when you need to wear a skirt to work but it's too hot to wear regular hosiery.

Glossy Hosiery is perfect if you want your legs looking lustrous and shiny. Like light-diffusing makeup concealer it can make them look flawless.

They look the best worn at night

They look best in a low-light areas because if it's too bright it'll just look completely silly like you're in circus show. You might even get some stares from people who are trying to figure out if you forgot to take them off after a night out partying. Well, that's what I would've reacted if I saw woman with shiny tights in broad daylight.

Glossy legs belong to evening and night wear.

If you want your legs to look shiny during the day, try ultra sheer hosiery instead. They're shiny and almost as good as the glossy ones, but without the sparkle.

Shine Hosiery is slightly shiner than gloss products and also a little more robust.  A great product for a glamorous evening look.  Their high spandex content means they also give you some support throughout the body and leg.  I love this product for giving you the ultimate flawless leg look with that extra bit of dependability.

Control Top/Support provides extra support to the bottom and especially the tummy. It tucks away the extra flab in a flash – an excellent choice for those who want to look slimmer in an instant. It works in the same way as a body shaping garment.

Toeless Tights are designed with an open-toe feature so they can be worn discreetly with sandals and open toe shoes. They make it so much easier for your feet to breathe and lessen the embarrassment of wearing hose during the hot summer months.


Compression hosiery keeps mild aches and swollen ankles at bay. Perfect for those who stands on their feet most

of the day. Improves blood circulation.


Hold Ups are sexier than hosiery. Wear them to office work or semi-formal occasions but make sure that the lace top doesn't peek from beneath your dress/skirt.

Stockings are considered by some as even sexier still and need to be worn with a suspender belt.It can mean the removal of these items is slow and sexy!